Etruscan Lodge 546

Charitable Giving

Charity work in the Lodge has started well this year!

Our main aim at the present time is to raise our profile of the 2024 Staffordshire Festival for the Freemasons’ Grand Charity. It was been agree with Lodge members to donate all of our regular Alms collections directly into the Festival Relief Chest, together with a large slice from our own Lodge relief Chest amounting to £2,760.00, representing Alms collections and regular donations from some members since the Etruscan Lodge Relief Chest was opened. The remaining £3,380.00 having been retained in our Relief Chest to service locally based Charities. To this end the following has already been donated:

  • £100.00 to the North Staffs Carers Association
  • £500.00 to The SMCA “B” Fund

The beauty of all Relief Chest donations is that any amounts given from tax paying sources will attract a further 25% via Gift Aid.

It had also been resolved to make some small donations to Charities from monies made as results of raffles, where no gift aid may be claimed, from our Almoners Fund, an example of this being a recent £100.00 donation to the Silverdale based “Alice Charity”.

We always have and always will make our Charitable giving in a more quiet way compared with other worthy Societies, that’s not to hide from the fact that:

“The distinguishing characteristic of a good Freemason is Honour Virtue and Mercy

And may they ever be found in a Freemasons breast.”


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Royal Arch Chapter

A Royal Arch Chapter is attached to this lodge and any Master Masons of four weeks standing and upwards are eligible for proposal. Information may be obtained from the Royal Arch Representative of the Lodge who can be contacted via the Contact Secretary link on the contact menu on this website.

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